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My Fro

Use your iPhone or iPod Touch to easily change your hair to a retro 70s style by choosing from different color and unique Fros (aka afro). With over 50 afros to choose from, you can have fun creating new images of yourself, your friends, or even your pets.

Simply load a photo from your library or take one with your camera. Easily set the size and position of the Fros for your face. Then use the picker wheel to select your fro or use the random button. SHAKE to randomly change fros as well. Save to your device when you're ready to keep or share your new photo.

For pictures of people, some fros work slightly better than others. For best results a front portrait is best. However some fros work best if the face is at a slight angle.

To have some fun, consider images with your pets. For more interesting photos, try adding unique eyes using the MyEyes app.